Unique Media Solutions is an award winning, full service branding expert. With over 40 years of combined veteran sales experience, backed by an entire team of skilled design and production staff, UMS has both the skill and experience to ensure our customers stand out!

Customer Support

The UMS customer support team prides itself on providing the highest level of service to our customers. With experience on our side, our customer support team utilizes their world of knowledge and expertise to partner with our customers, achieving the ultimate satisfaction. By involving our customers in the process right from the start, we guarantee customer satisfaction with the finished product. Whether it is a banner or business cards, the unique partnership between UMS and our clients ensures the success of our customer’s brand.


When partnering with Unique Media Solutions, you are getting a team of award winning designers, each with varying styles of design. Our highly experienced design team has extensive knowledge in various aspects of brand image, from logos to vehicle fleets and everything in between. All of our designers are required to have specialized skill sets, that are essential for a professional graphics campaign. Each designer is extremely detailed oriented and take tremendous pride in ensuring each and every client is ecstatic with their final outcome and that your brand has impact.


UMS takes great pride in our graphics from concept to completion, with our team of seasoned production members ensuring that all graphics adhere to UMS’s high quality standards. Over the years, the production team has developed a specialized process, that speaks to our level of quality control. Each and every print or graphic solution undergoes a rigorous control testing to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Each member of our production team comes from the graphics industry and knows the importance of strategic finishing procedures, with a guarantee that the finished product will stand out.


Our team of 3M certified, highly experienced installers will ensure your graphics package installation far surpasses your expectations. All of our installers have either achieved the prestige status of 3M Preferred Installer or are in the process of achieving it. After fulfilling specific qualification requirements, those who attend the 3M Preferred Installation status must undergo a rigorous written and hands on course. This course includes demonstrating knowledge and skill for applying material in various applications. These applications include; vehicle wraps, boats, trailers with rivets and corrugations, smooth walls, textured surfaces, and floor graphics.  This ensures UMS’s clients receive the best installation for their graphic needs.


Unique Media Solutions strives for excellence from design to implementation. With over 14 years of hard work, dedication and professionalism we have earned the title of 3M Select Graphic Specialist – Gold.

As loyal 3M partners and recognized fabricators, Unique Media Solutions can help you create and execute the unique graphic solution you are looking for. When working with UMS you are entrusting your graphics to a 3M™ Select Gold Partner with the ideal systems, hardware and software for the production and installation of MCS™ warrantied graphics.

UMS is…

  • Recognized by 3M™  as a leader within the graphics industry
  • Provides 3M™ MCS™ warranty, the most comprehensive warranty in the industry
  • Offers 3M™  Performance Guarantee
  • In-house professional graphics design ability
  • Able to execute large scale campaigns by offering national coverage
  • Ensuring all vehicle applications are installed by a recognized 3M™  Preferred Installer to ensure successful application


Installation takes a tremendous amount of skill and training.  All of our installers are certified or are in the process of achieving their certification of 3M™ Preferred in Canada and the United States. Preferred installers are required to complete a testing program that is designed to demonstrate which graphics installers are the most skilled.  The test is a grueling two-day written and hands on test, which includes the demonstration of knowledge and/or skills for the following applications: vehicle wraps, boat wraps(written test only); trailers with rivets and corrugations; smooth walls, textured surfaces, and floor graphics. With other applications added at 3M’s discretion. All of our installers have completed this testing which allows Unique Media Solutions to offer the industry leading MCS™  warranty with most our installations.

Unique Media Solutions provides award winning, comprehensive branding solutions, signage, and commercial graphics for every occasion and business model. We also provide a vast variety of printing services, including such items as stationery, business cards, and labels. Partner with our team to capture your prospects' attention today.