Printing for the Success of Peterborough

The key to increasing revenue is for your business to stand out and get noticed. It is not enough that you produce the best products or provide the best services. If your target market is unaware of you, you are losing out on potential revenues. This is where the team at Unique Media Solutions can help. Unique Media Solutions are experts in driving more business to companies and organizations located in Peterborough and the surrounding area. By utilizing such tools as commercial graphics, outdoor signage, vehicle wraps, and interior and exterior wraps, UMS will assist in gaining more attention for your company and increase your revenues.


Commercial Graphics

Consumers are more likely to pause and check out a business if it looks inviting. Effective visuals mean everything. Unique Media Solutions can create exciting commercial graphics for you to help make a positive impact on the customers you want to attract. By ensuring your business becomes more enticing and memorable your target market is more apt to purchase from you.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are used as a form of identification and to be informative. In order for your message to be noticed, Unique Media solutions will create your signage to be visually enticing. UMS will utilize the best design elements to connect you with your prospective clients. UMS can provide you with banners, pop-up signs, backlit signs, A-frame signs, and front signage for your Peterborough business.

Interior Graphics

Having a vibrant interior is just as important as having an attractive exterior. You want to be able to keep the positive energy that your outdoor signs have ignited in your customers as well as create an environment that keeps your staff morale high. Whether you want to achieve a look that is “fun and exciting”, “cool and elegant”, or anything in between, Unique Media Solutions can deliver the right look for you.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to maximize the return on your advertising dollar. With the longevity of wraps lasting upwards of 3 – 5 years you will be able to benefit from them leaving memorable impressions for years. Unique Media Solutions can design, produce and install your wraps all at a fraction of the cost per impression over other forms of advertising. With vehicle wraps from Unique Media Solutions, your vehicle will be transformed into a moving billboard attracting awareness 24-7.

Unique’s ultimate goal is to provide you with graphics that stand out and not blend in. It is only by creating these unique graphics your potential customers are made aware of you. UMS’s installers are 3M Certified, ensuring your graphics are installed to perfection. Installations can be done in our headquarters or at a location that is convenient for you.

Please let Unique Media Solutions assist you in generating more revenue by creating increased awareness for your company and organization. Our commercial graphics, signages, and vehicle wraps will gain profitable attention for your Peterborough business.

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